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Find great deals from the brands you love and then share them amongst your friends to earn commission or donate to charity! Simple.

How Kindred works video

Share what
you love

Kindred empowers you to post the products you know and love and you get rewarded for it. Make authentic recommendations to your family, friends and followers and you earn cash and help the charities you really care about.

Why Kindred?

Results that you'll love

Discover new talent, get unparallelled brand access and earn 1% of anything your talent’s followers purchase. Kindred offers a completely new way of managing and growing your business.

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Why Kindred?

Love what
gets shared

Kindred digitises word-of-mouth for brands in a transparent, organic, trusted way. Influencers were all about “purchase intent”; Kindred is all about actual sales – turning customers into advocates of what they love.

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How Kindred works video

Share in
the love

Kindred opens up entirely new pathways to fundraising, increase awareness and gives your charity previously unattainable levels of engagement and reach. We’re empowering consumers to become Conscious Consumers, with every transaction. Share the love.

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Why Kindred?

Authentic word of mouth

Kindred digitises authentic word-of-mouth recommendations and turns them into direct sales.

Performance tracking

Kindred tracks “influencers” actual performance with clear ROI sales data.

100% success driven, zero risk

Kindred’s “Pay-For-Performance” model is completely success driven, so brands can join Kindred with no cost or risk.

The cumulative viral effect of Kindred is unlike anything else available to brands today

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Build audience trust and empathy

Kindred ethically connects brands to leading charities, allowing you to be consistently associated with doing good and enhancing your reputation through kindness.


Harness the power of an army of nano-influencers all sharing your offers simultaneously, giving your brand hyper-amplification across Kindreds’ huge network.

Kindred facilitates honest, authentic placing of products that advocates use and love

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How does Kindred work?

1 Upload campaign with description and offer
2 Manage the product placement via our dashboard
3 Advocates pick and place the offer across social platforms
4 Advocates paid a percentage, some of which goes to charity
5 The remaining profit from each sale paid directly to you

Kindred facilitates honest, authentic placing of products that advocates use and love

How does Kindred compare?

Current best influencer solution
Paid for Placement & Advertising #Ad #Sponsorship. Influencer may not have a true brand affinity.
Authentic placing of products and service by real Advocates & Ambassadors
Brand Integrity
Not guaranteed
"Share What You love" is a core value
Charity Donations
Non-existent or Ad Hoc
Dedicated Charity aspect for advocates to donate commissions with charities
Payment exchange for posting of products/ services as part of digital marketing campaign
Free for advocated to join the Kindred Platform. Receive a % of what you sell.
Non-quantitively data or impressions, engagements, clicks
Advocates work with just one partner Kindred - allowing access to our brand network
Limited to brands T&Cs
Immediate hyper-amplification through your network increasing meaning meaningful engagement
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