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Find great deals from the brands you love and then share them amongst your friends to earn commission or donate to charity! Simple.

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Share what
you love

Kindred empowers you to post the products you know and love and you get rewarded for it. Make authentic recommendations to your family, friends and followers and you earn cash and help the charities you really care about.

Why Kindred?

Results that you'll love

Discover new talent, get unparallelled brand access and earn 1% of anything your talent’s followers purchase. Kindred offers a completely new way of managing and growing your business.

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Why Kindred?

Love what
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Kindred digitises word-of-mouth for brands in a transparent, organic, trusted way. Influencers were all about “purchase intent”; Kindred is all about actual sales – turning customers into advocates of what they love.

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How Kindred works video

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Kindred opens up entirely new pathways to fundraising, increase awareness and gives your charity previously unattainable levels of engagement and reach. We’re empowering consumers to become Conscious Consumers, with every transaction. Share the love.

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Why Kindred?

Collaborate with the world’s biggest brands

Kindred is THE powerful link that connects you DIRECTLY to some of the World’s top brands – whatever you’re passion or interest.

Give back with every purchase

Kindred is for people who want to give back with their everyday purchases.

Save your followers money

Kindred allows you to share amazing special offers on the products you love with your friends, family and followers.

For influencers, agencies, brands and consumers the process of sharing and purchasing has never been more straightforward

Harness the power of advocacy

Kindred turns you into a powerful “Advocate” for the things you love and makes you money.

Turn followers into income

Kindred works – regardless of your number of followers (but the more real followers you have, the more funds you raise).

Keep full control over your content

Kindred allows you to create and post your own content without interference or compromise whilst still making money.

When you share and purchase via Kindred you become a #consciousconsumer

How does Kindred work?

1 Download the app
2 Connect directly to the brands you love
3 Create and share offers with your followers
4 Earn money from every sale
5 Give money to charities you care about

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