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Kindred is the new marketplace that allows people to do good as they go about their daily lives. It’s a new platform that is responding to the increasing calls from consumers who want to give back with their everyday purchases.

Everyone is ad advocate

Be Authentic

Kindred creates real connections and empowers consumers to do better with their everyday purchases.

Be Kind

Kindred is the new global community of conscientious consumers.

Be Kindred

Kindred is a breakthrough in social media that turns authentic recommendations into direct sales.

Brand Aim

Kindred digitises word of mouth and turns it into direct sales

Ethical statement


As people accept advocates recommendations, a percentage of EVERY sale goes to a charity of their choice as well as generate funds directly for the advocate.

Our team
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Aaron Simpson

Founder & Executive Chairman
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Alex Packham

Co-Founder Tech & Social
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Paul Buck

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Jackie Mills

General Manager
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Mike Gadd

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Dan Bricken

In the Media


London, UK